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Woman from Odessa became the most beautiful married woman in the world. Photo


32-years old Anna Shchapova from Odessa became the most beautiful married woman in the world by winning a beauty contest for married women - "Mrs Global-12". It took place in the American town of Palm Springs last week.

Anna is announcer at the Odessa channel "OK." Born in Donetsk. She graduated from the local University as a Management. She worked in the travel agency and editor in a magazine. In her childhood seriously engaged in swimming.

"In high school I was so busy that I had to choose between swimming and music. And I chose the former. It was very hard: two workouts a day and only at seven in the evening returned home and immediately sat down to homework. Everyday I had one route: pool, school and home. But on the other hand it was a serious hardening. Because sport teaches You discipline and responsibility. Then mom took me even in modeling school. I passed casting and I was invited to various projects and fashion shows " - said Anna.

In the late 90s she married Odessa businessman Oleg Rybalchenko. His company imports and distributes fruit in Ukraine. In 2000, bore him a daughter, Pauline. A few years later the second girl - Nicole.

"After the birth of my daughter, I decided to get back into the modeling business. I had won a variety of beauty pageants. I remember how I brought a calendar with my image from one of the competitions. Pauline began handing them to everyone she saw: taxi drivers, teachers in schools. And spoke to them: "Look, this is my mom." Daughters try to be like me. Pauline, for example, has won one of the children's beauty pageants. Both are engaged with vocals and choreography, "- said the most beautiful married woman on the planet.