Hryhoriy Skovoroda – the first Ukrainian essentialist: 20 life rules that seem to be written in 2020

If the Ukrainian philosopher Hryhoriy Skovoroda lived nowadays, he would be no less popular than the most famous guru of today – Sadhguru. In today’s language, Skovoroda would definitely be called enlightened. How else can it be explained that he knew exactly the date and time of his death? Only Tibetan monks can do that.

In addition, according to legend, the legendary Ukrainian mystic left Kyiv a few days before the plague epidemic began there.

Besides, why isn’t Hryhoriy Savych an essentialist? Skovroda’s quotes only confirm compliance with this current trend concept. The philosopher had nothing superfluous in his thoughts and in the list of property. He is a model of simplicity!

According to the philosopher’s teachings, a person can gain true freedom by doing related work, that is, one that best suits him.

Skovoroda realized that it is necessary to live in the moment, here and now, hundreds of years before Eckhart Tolle and other authors of esoteric and psychological bestsellers.

“We hope for the future, we despise the present; we strive for what is not there, we neglect what exists, as if that which is passing away may return or surely must come true.”

“True happiness is inside of us. Think all the time to get to know yourself.”

If you love gainings, get them in a decent way. Thousands of blessed crafts you can find.

The language of truth is ordinary.

The most important of all destructive passions is envy – the mother of other passions and lawlessness.

Avoid people who justify your flaws and shortcomingsor or even approve them when see. Such people are either swindlers, or cowards, or simply stupid. Do not expect any help from them in any trouble or misfortune.

It is better to be loved and respected by one intelligent and kind-hearted person than by a thousand fools.

We should be thankful to God that He created the world so that everything simple is true and everything false is lie.

Not to care about anything means not to live, but to be dead, because care is a movement of the soul, and life is a movement.

Not everything that tastes bad is a poison.

Oh, if we were as shy and timid in shameful deeds as timid and falsely shy we are often in decent ones!

We must be able to correct or tolerate the our friends mistakes if they are not serious.

There is nothing so difficult, for a noble man as a lavish feast, especially when the first places are occupied by fools.

What You loved, that You turned into.

Can the one who does not know what the black is speak of the white?

No one can kill the evil inside himself until he understands what the evil and the kind is. Not knowing it inside yourself, how can You know and expel it from others.

We are unhappy that we know a lot of superfluous things, but we do not know the most necessary: ourselves. We do not know who lives in us. If we knew and remembered what lives in each of us, our lives would be completely different.

Take the top and You will get the middle.

Of all the losses, the loss of time is the most severe.

Cognize the invisible from the visible.

Our life is a journey, and a friendly talk is a cart that makes this journey easier for the traveler.

What ignites quickly suddenly goes out.

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